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"Is a bankruptcy filing on the horizon for AMR Corp.?" That's the question put forth this week by the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

"The Fort Worth-based carrier has had only two profitable years in the past decade, its stock has slipped to a one-year low near $3 and credit-rating agency Moody's downgraded AMR's outlook to "negative" last week. Some industry analysts think that the company is running out of cash and that a bankruptcy filing is possible. But others say the airline still has another year or two to turn its finances around."

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Sep 16 2011 Rare Bird Comes for Bears at SGF BY sgf-adminTAGS Misc.


We sent the Missouri State Football Bears on their way this morning to Eugene, Oregon. Tomorrow they'll play the Oregon Ducks at Eugene. The type of airplane taking them there is rare around here because the airlines rarely fly them to small air markets like Springfield. So take a good look at these photos of the Boeing 757-200. Go Bears!


The 757-200 gets ready to power back from the terminal. Click any image for a larger version.

The 757-200 gets ready to power back from the terminal. Click any image for a larger version.


Right this way!

Right this way!



"The U.S. government’s effort to eliminate longer delays on airport tarmacs has made it more likely that airlines will cancel flights, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office."

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Sep 01 2011 Algorithms and Airplanes BY sgf-adminTAGS Airlines


You know how you really hate the process of boarding a commercial airliner? You gotta stand in line while airline staff sorts the haves from the have nots: "If you're a double-triple-gold-platinum-silver-and-ruby member please cut to the front of the line!"

15 minutes later you stand toe-to-toe in the aisle of the plane. You're in a traffic jam while Joe Six Pack attempts to stuff a full sized Samsonite into the overhead bin... Well, guess what? The airlines want you to board faster!

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Aug 25 2011 Bad Ink in the Windy City BY sgf-adminTAGS Airlines


Airlines are used to negative press; seems to roll off their backs like water on a duck. But surely a couple of them are cringing this week in Chicago...

The Chicago Tribune reports, "The two biggest airlines at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport route their jet fuel purchases through an outlying Illinois town, shaving millions of dollars off their tax bills but raising the hackles of Chicago officials."

How many millions? "$12 million to $14 million off their annual tax bills in recent years." That's $12 million to $14 million for each airline. Read the rest of the story here.