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Chalk one up for the forces behind Mad as Hell Day... The federal department of Transportation announces new rules today designed to make the air travel experience more transparent and fair. Here are some of the new "passenger protections:"

  • Airlines must clearly disclose fees. No more putting them on the web site ten levels deep.
  • Advertised fares will have to include taxes and fees as part of the total fare.
  • If they lose your bag, they have to refund the bag fee.

Read more from Bloomberg, and the New York Times.


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Apr 13 2011 Perfect Light BY adminTAGS Misc.


The light was perfect yesterday morning as the seventh Ozarks Honor Flight departed our airport. Click the image too see a larger version. There are still more than 300 World War II veterans on the waiting list to fly Washington, DC to see the World War II memorial. Visit the Ozarks Honor Flight web site.


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To say it's pricey for airlines to fly from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is an understatement! Check out this story in today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch...

The airport "has struck a new five-year deal that will force airlines using Lambert-St. Louis International Airport to shoulder some short-term financial burdens but hand them more control over airport spending. The agreement, which was endorsed Wednesday by the St. Louis Airport Authority, did not ease the high landing fees at Lambert that are projected to be $8.96 per 1,000 pounds of landed weight for each aircraft. The rate is four times that charged to major tenant airlines landing in Kansas City or Indianapolis."

The landing fees at our airport currently stand $1.22 per 1,000 pounds of landed weight. This is all worth mentioning because there's a vocal minority in Springfield who are convinced that our airport charges "outrageous" landing fees, thus forcing the airlines to charge higher fares. Here's how we compare to some other airports, according to the Post-Disptach:

  • Lambert-St. Louis International: $8.96
  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International: $4.09
  • Pittsburgh International: $3.51
  • Des Moines International: $2.34
  • Kansas City International: $1.96
  • Indianapolis International: $1.95


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Mar 31 2011 Seat Puzzle BY adminTAGS Customer Service


Want to know which airline seat has the most leg room? There's a new web site that has the answer.  It's called seatguru.com. Just plug in your flight information and hit return, presto! You get a layout of the plane and all sorts of useful customer service information.

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