Summer Construction at Springfield Airport

Summer Construction at Springfield Airport

There’s major construction going on at the Springfield airport this summer.

The airport is reconstructing a taxiway and repairing a runway. A runway is the paved surface that airplanes use to takeoff and land. Taxiways are paths for airplanes at an airport. They connect runways to terminals and other airport facilities.

While the work has little or no impact on flight schedules, it’s a major improvement to airport infrastructure.

The pavement on the taxiway being reconstructed is worn out, and isolated portions of Runway 2-20 need to be repaired.

Cost of the project is approximately $7.3 million, with about $5.9 million of that coming from federal grants. The airport is picking up the rest. The federal money is not part of the recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The general contractor is Emery Sapp & Sons, with civil engineering work by Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly. Work should be complete by mid-October.