Air Service Seminar

Nov 22 2008 Air Service Seminar BY sgf-admin TAGS How the Airport Works


How much air service will our airport lose in 2009? Aviation consultant Michael Boyd says we're "really not going to be hit too hard." He thinks air service cuts have leveled off. That was just one of many issues addressed earlier this week when Boyd spoke at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. More than 100 people showed up for the air service seminar last Wednesday.


As co-founder of The Boyd Group, an aviation research and analysis firm, Boyd is one of the best known and most sought-after aviation speakers in the country. He’s also a frequent commentator for the major networks, CNN, CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, as well as newspapers and industry publications.


Rather than provide a text transcript of his remarks, we thought Boyd could speak for himself. Please click on the links below to hear the seminar. Each link will open in a new window.




– State of the Aviation Industry


– It's a Whole New World!


– What's Going to Happen In Aviation Next Year?


– What Will Happen to Air Service in Springfield Next Year?


– Question from the audience: will airlines drop the hub system?


– Question from the audience: do you know much about the airport in Branson?


– Question from the audience: if the Branson Airport gets a low cost airline, would it impact Allegiant Air in Springfield?


– Hear the entire presentation unedited.


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