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Dec 11 2008 Branson Comments BY sgf-admin TAGS Airports


Carl writes in with this:


"This is nothing but spin tactics by SGF–Just last week, you were saying this was never possible. You even brought in your big Shot from Boyd Aviation to tell us, “Write this down” “No” Branson is not going to get a mainine low cost carrier. SGF is still a joke and always will be. You should close shop and send all of your flights to BBG."


That's not right Carl. We never said it wasn't possible. In fact, if you go back through this blog's postings, you'll find that we mentioned the possibility of subsidized service several times.


As for aviation analyst Michael Boyd, who visited Springfield on November 19, here's what he said about AirTran: "...unless someone is going to pay them a lot of money, it's just not going to happen." Click the link and listen for yourself—Boyd pegged it.

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