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Apr 15 2009 Tardy Blogger! BY sgf-admin TAGS Midfield Terminal


Well, first of all, I have to apologize for taking so long to respond to the last few questions asked by you faithful bloggers. I've been tardy! Only one excuse: busy, busy, busy with the impending opening of the new terminal. You know that part of job descriptions that says, "other duties as assigned?" Well Brothers and Sisters, let me tell ya, I know what that means!


Colton blogged with this: "Hello. I am just wondering, I know Allegiant Air will be providing nonstop service to LA, but will there be any other airlines with new destinations when the new Midfield terminal opens? I am wondering because I thought that Continental used to go through SGF. There also used to be nonstop service to Kansas City. What happened to all that? I am just curious. Thanks."


We have no impending new service announcements. Hey! Isn't LA good enough?!  ; )


As for service to Kansas City... It has been tried several times over the years. But it's never generated enough customers for the airlines to find it worthwhile over the long haul.


Dustin wants to know:


"I was wondering if the taxiways were completed. They look incomplete especially the corners. Will there be a parallel taxiway to rwy 14-32? The rest of the terminal looks beautiful."


Yes, the taxiways are complete. And yes, there will be a new parallel taxiway for runway 14/32. Construction will begin soon using federal stimulus money.


Derrick W. sends in this:


"Here's what I am curious about. When the new terminal opens, that will leave the old terminal vacant. I heard a while ago that OTC was in talks about it, but that story never panned out. So here is what im thinking. If Allegiant keeps growing, with our location, we could be a midwest hub for them. Now pretending that did happen, would opening the old terminal back up and just having one airline there be feasible. could even connect the two terminals with a train. I know this is unlikely to happen, however since alot of bigger airports are set up this way, I wanted to get your opinion on the situation. Thank you."


I like the way you think Derrick! However, I don't think that scenario is likely to pan out––especially in the current economy.


Belden in Houston, Texas is curious:


"I understand international flights from Springfield, MO. are not something in the works right now. However what about direct flights from Springfield to Houston, Texas? Is that something that is being looked into?"


It's been talked about, but an airline has never been convinced that a Springfield-Houston route is a money maker.

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