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Jul 14 2009 Forbidden Items BY sgf-admin TAGS TSA

Earlier this week we received this email from Chris:


"My eleven year old daughter left on a flight from Springfield Airport Sunday night to O'Hare and then on to Charlotte. She inadvertently had a few items in her carry on (face wash, perfume, lotion) that had to be thrown away. My daughter was visibly upset because she paid for these items out of her own money. It's too bad arrangements could not have been made to get these items either put in her check-in bag or sent to her. This is another example of poor service with both the Government and with the airlines. So much for customer service. My daughter will remember this for a long time and I will not forget the disappointment at having her items taken from her.  Nice job guys!!!!!!"


While the Airport does not play a direct role in the security screening process, we do offer these thoughts: We understand how you and your daughter feel. Unfortunately, this is a situation without a practical solution. Here’s why…


Dozens of passengers go through the security line every day with forbidden items. Most of these people are running late. Imagine what would happen if they had to get in another line to make arrangements for their forbidden items—arguments would ensue over who was going to pay for postage and how much. What’s the declared value of the item? The list goes on. Bottom line: people would end up missing their plane.


Putting the forbidden items into checked bags won’t work because the checked bag has already gone through security screening downstairs and put on the plane. Imagine what it would be like trying to locate checked bags for every person who has a forbidden item. You could literally spend a couple of hours doing that for every plane load full of people.


If your daughter would like to learn more about what can and cannot be taken on a plane, these links are a good place to look:

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