Airport Dedicates New Fire Station


This morning the airport community gathered to dedicate the airport's new fire station. It's only the second fire station in the airport’s 63 year history. It replaces the one located next to the old terminal. That old station has served since the mid-1960s.


The new building supports up to five fire trucks, as opposed to three at the old fire house, and its location is more centralized. This central location should reduce emergency response times. Built at a cost of $4.5 million, the new station should serve well into the mid-21st Century. While the new fire station is a great thing, it's important to remember that it means nothing without the selfless, dedicated individuals who work there: the aircraft rescue firefighters (ARFF).


Our airport has 17 full time ARFF members. That’s the largest ARFF staff in Southwest Missouri. Let us not forget their great concern for others, or their willingness to help all souls in need. Let’s not forget that when called to duty, they have the courage to face and conquer fears that would defeat many.

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