Wall Street Journal Says We Scored "Poorly"




How's that for a loaded word? Guess what? A "journalist" is flinging it as us.


According to Wednesday's Wall Street Journal, "The FAA this year has directed about $272 million in stimulus funds -- or roughly 25% of the $1.1 billion provided to the agency for airport work -- to projects that scored poorly on the agency's national priority rating system, which the FAA uses to grade potential projects." The paper attributes this information to a so-called "government watchdog group," called Subsidyscope.


As you've guessed by now, our airport has one of these allegedly poor projects—it's our new taxiway project.  Earlier this year the FAA gave us $14.8 million of federal stimulus money to build taxiway "whiskey."


The paper's story has a sidebar list and we're at the very top of it. The heading says:


Justified? Although projects with national priority ratings below 62 may have questionable economic merit, many airports are receiving federal stimulus funds for them.


Right below that text it shows shows our airport. Our priority rating is listed as 49 and it shows we received "$14.9 million."


What the paper fails to report is that while our project allegedly scored "poorly" on the FAA's  national priority rating system for stimilus projects, it did meet safety requirements. In other words, the safety concerns addressed by the project gave the project the boost it needed to garner federal stimulus money. Read more about the taxiway project here.

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