Passenger Numbers Roll On

Nov 24 2009 Passenger Numbers Roll On BY sgf-admin TAGS How the Airport Works


Our airport's positive growth trend continue. October's total passenger numbers were up seven percent over the same month last year. That means we're up five percent for the period January - October. In and of itself, that may not sound like a big deal, but it is: we continue to be the only airport in the central region of the United States with positive growth for the year. Take a look at this chart. It shows monthly percentage increases and decreases for the past 16 months:


Notice the valley in September of last year: down 24% compared to the same month the year before––a direct reflection of the national recession. We began 2009 down 14%. Then, in March, we came up 14 points. In April we hit the magic zero––no change from the year before. In May numbers skyrocketed: up 17% Before May we had 15 consecutive months of negative or flat numbers.


For those of you who love numbers, here are the monthly total passenger numbers for 2009, along with the percent change from the same month the year before:


  • January: 50,375. -14%
  • February: 45,797. -15%
  • March: 66,295. -1%
  • April: 61,413. 0%
  • May: 84,496. +17%
  • June: 85,976. +10%
  • July: 84,076. +13%
  • August: 73,499. +13%
  • September: 65,342. +13%
  • October: 71,250. +7%

For more thoughts on why our passengers numbers are so peachy, read this previous post.

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