Delta Dropping Minneapolis; Will It Stick?

Dec 01 2009 Delta Dropping Minneapolis; Will It Stick? BY sgf-admin TAGS Delta


For the second time this year Delta Airlines is dropping our service to Minneapolis. The one-trip a day service ends on December 14.  The service was dropped for six weeks late last summer, but was brought back based on strong advanced fall bookings. The latest word indicates that the route performed poorly in October and November, so it's been pulled again.


While the airline isn't saying so, there's little doubt that this is more fall out from the merger of Delta and Northwest airlines. Before the merger Delta and Northwest provided us with service to Memphis, Detroit, Cincinnati, Minneapolis and Atlanta. Since the merger we've lost Cincinnati, Detroit, and now Minneapolis. These losses can't be blamed entirely on the merger, though. When one combines the business realities of the merger, along with the triple whammy of the world-wide recession and unstable fuel prices, well, what do you get? Cuts in service.


Okay. Having said all that, we hate to count our chickens before they're hatched, but there appears to be a chance that the service will come back next year. A quick trip to our terminal travel agent was revealing. It shows that you can book a flight between Springfield and Minneapolis in May. Keep your fingers crossed, a lot can happen between now and then!

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