Catch-As-Catch-Can: Catching Up with '09 and Looking Ahead


The arrival of the new year means time is almost up for Northwest Airlines (NWA). While the airline was bought out by Delta more than a year ago, it’s been pretty tough for the average customer to tell any difference: you can still find a NWA Web site. You still see airplanes and tickets branded with the NWA logo. It’s all about to fade away…


In the last week of December the feds gave Delta the ‘green light to finish integrating Delta and NWA operations.’ That’s according to the Detroit Free Press. The paper reports that by the end of the first quarter the NWA web site “will stop accepting reservations and redirect people to Delta Air Lines…The Northwest name will disappear from boarding passes, airport monitors and airplanes."


The beginning of the year is always a good time for fare sales. Yesterday United announced a fare sale for both domestic and international destinations. The company press release mentioned:


  • Chicago – Denver $91
  • San Francisco – Honolulu $239
  • Los Angeles – Tokyo $350
  • Denver – Los Angeles $91
  • Washington Dulles – Orlando $55
  • Chicago – Paris $369

Hard to say how much the sale will benefit customers flying from Springfield. If you’re inclined to find out, you’d better hurry. The sales ends January 12.


Fare sale or not, reports that on December 30, “15,000 United city-pairs were increased by $6 and $10 roundtrip ($3 and $5 each way). The increase covered the bulk of United’s domestic route system — mainly at the $6 roundtrip level. On New Year’s Eve, the remaining legacy airlines began to match including American, Delta/Northwest, US Airways, Continental and Alaska.”

Our friends at Allegiant Air have been busy. Earlier this week news broke that the airline has purchased 18 more airplanes. Read this insightful blog entry over at BNET. More Allegiant news…a company press release reports Allegiant carried 20 percent more passengers in the fourth quarter than it did in the same quarter of 2008. For the year (2009), Allegiant passenger growth was up 24 percent.


Finally, we have more good news to report on our airport’s total passenger numbers. In November we were up five percent compared to the same month last year. This means we’re still the only major airport in the region with positive 2009 growth numbers. We expect the December numbers to be positive too. Check out the numbers at other major airports in the central United States:


Airport Period Total Pax Numbers, % up or down
Oklahoma City Jan-Nov -9.92%
Tulsa Jan-Oct -12.6%
Wichita Jan-Oct -8%
Kansas City Jan-Nov -9.7%
St. Louis Jan-Nov -11.3%
Northwest Arkansas Jan-Nov -6.1%
Little Rock Jan-Nov -6.42%
Omaha Jan-Nov -3.2%
Des Moines Jan-Nov -8%
Quad Cities Jan-Oct -4%
Louisville Estimated for year -11%
Memphis Jan-Nov -2.10%
Lincoln Jan-Nov -12%


Numbers were gathered January 5 from airport Web sites and media reports.

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