Eureka! Lines on a Map!

Jan 15 2010 Eureka! Lines on a Map! BY sgf-admin TAGS Midfield Terminal



The Internet map sites are starting to show signs of the new terminal and the new roads that go with it!

Pardon my enthusiasm, but this issue has been a sizable headache around here ever since the new terminal opened last May. Web sites such, as Google Maps and MapQuest, have  been giving people bad directions to the airport. They've been sending people to the old terminal. They still are, but now, at least, the sites are showing the new terminal's road system!

The new roads are showing up on Google Earth (but not Google Maps) and on MapQuest. Click on the image to see a blow-up of the Google Earth imagery. I added the gold star; it marks the new terminal location. Now it's a matter of the satellite imagery catching up with the map data, along with the "directions" data. We've been told that the entire catch-up process could take as long as two years...


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