Carry-On Crunch

Mar 23 2010 Carry-On Crunch BY sgf-admin TAGS Customer Service


You're not the only one who hates the fees for checked bags. Flight attendants do too. Or at least that's what one union says.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA says it recently conducted a survey of its membership,  "in which one out of two flight attendants witnessed carry-on items falling from overhead bins in the previous 60 days. The survey validated anecdotal reports that carry-on baggage is out of control, mostly due to recent fees to check luggage...According to the survey, over 80 percent of flight attendants sustained injuries over the past year due to dealing with carry-ons in overhead bins. The most common injury being strained and pulled muscles in the neck, arms and upper back."

The union has set-up a website dedicated to this subject.


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