Spin Control?

Jun 24 2010 Spin Control? BY sgf-admin TAGS How the Airport Works


Jason has some comments apparently in response to the postings about airline profits and the airport's May passenger numbers being down:

"Spin this one however you want.  Great! The airlines are making money now.  How are you going to pay for that new terminal with less passenger revenues for the airport?  You were up 17% last May because of Branson Airport!  You can continue to spin it in any direction you want to serve your purposes, but that is all it is and people are getting sick of it."

Jason... Paying for the new terminal is not an issue. The debt service plan is extremely conservative—as routine we make annual payments that are 1.5 times the amount required. Even if passenger numbers drop 15 percent for 12 consecutive months, debt service can be paid back at 1.25 times. This debt service plan survived the depths of the recession when passenger numbers were down 18%. The fact that passenger numbers were down 4% in May is not an issue. As for the thought that the Branson airport caused last year's upswing in passenger numbers...could you please explain that logic?


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