Jobs Landing at SGF

Aug 05 2010 Jobs Landing at SGF BY sgf-admin TAGS How the Airport Works


The cat is out of the bag.  This morning Expedia announced it's bringing up to 500 new jobs to Springfield and they'll be working at the old airport terminal. Earlier this year the Airport and Expedia announced that the company would lease about 59,000 square feet of the building, but job details were left for today. Most of the jobs will be customer service and accounting related. If you're interested in applying visit this Expedia web site.

Leasing the old terminal is important to the airport because it generates a revenue stream that is not related to aviation. This is especially important in today’s uncertain economy because the aviation industry is extremely volatile. Non-aviation related revenue helps make up the difference when airline revenue is down. In the big scheme of things, non-aviation related revenue can make it easier for the Airport to keep operating costs down for the airlines.

The Expedia lease is initially for five years, with the option of five, 3-year extensions. The total annual lease amount: $450,760.00.


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