Liberty Belle

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A piece of aviation history burned up last week in an Illinois cornfield. The Liberty Belle was a restored World War II bomber that visited our airport in August of last year. Below are some photographs of the plane during its Springfield visit. Read about the emergency landing and fire from the Chicago Tribune.

Liberty Belle at Springfield-Branson National Airport.


Art Deco design with Varga inspired emininity

Art Deco design with Varga inspired femininity.




When you get up close and personal with this aircraft you realize why it was the Flying Fortress: four .50 caliber machine guns protrude from the nose. The plane has a total of 13 machine guns, each capable of firing 13 rounds per second.

Four .50 caliber machine guns protruded from the nose.


Aerodynamic beauty.

Aerodynamic beauty.


.50 waist gun

.50 caliber waist gun.


Seen from the rear

Seen from the rear.


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