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Jun 30 2014 Time Flies On ... BY sgf-admin TAGS AirportsHistoryHow the Airport Works


This week a small part piece of airport history bites the proverbial dust.

When the red brick building comes tumbling down on Wednesday hardly anyone will notice — except, perhaps, a few airport rescue firefighters. Some of them spent many a long shift in that building — it’s the old airport firehouse.

Built sometime in the late 1960’s (and added on to in the 70s) it was a huge step up from the old barrel shaped building it replaced. But as with all things in the airport business it soon became functionally obsolete — by the time it was vacated in 2009 the airport’s newest fire truck wouldn’t even fit through the bay doors. For the past five years it’s collected dust, birds, plus a few pieces of old equipment.

The lot occupied by the firehouse will soon be part of the airport’s newest expansion. It’s a $5.6 million project that will redevelop and expand the general aviation complex by making 12 acres ready for new airplane hangars. The general aviation complex (GA for short) is that part of the airport which caters to business/corporate aircraft.

This fall, when the expansion project is done, the only trace of the firehouse will be an old emergency alarm siren. It’s one of two sirens at the airport. They sound the alarm whenever an aircraft declares an emergency. The old beast (pictured left) came off the firehouse roof last week — it looks like something out of a 1950s civil defense film. Unlike the old firehouse it still works great — just have to figure out a new place to put it ...


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