Airport Aces Safety Inspection for 7th Consecutive Year

Airport Aces Safety Inspection for 7th Consecutive Year

For the seventh consecutive year the Springfield-Branson National Airport has received a “discrepancy free” safety inspection from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Airports that have scheduled airline service are inspected every year by the FAA for compliance with federal aviation safety rules.

“Just one discrepancy free inspection is an accomplishment in itself,” says Shawn Schroder, the airport’s assistant director of aviation for operations. “To do it seven years in a row is a tremendous achievement. It shows that safety is engrained in our airport’s culture.”

Earlier this month an FAA inspector spent three days in Springfield reviewing the following:

  • Airfield security
  • The airport’s emergency plan
  • Training of airport employees
  • Response times of the airport fire department during emergency drills
  • Runway and taxiway safety
  • Aircraft fuel truck safety
  • Wildlife control

Passing the yearly safety inspection requires a lot of effort from airport team members. That effort goes on 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. “I’m proud of everyone involved,” says Schroeder. “Rest assured that we’re doing our best to provide the flying public with the safest airport possible.”