Airport Fees

Oct 09 2007 Airport Fees BY sgf-admin TAGS How the Airport Works


Jake inquires, "Is the building of the new airport going to raise airport fees for the airlines? If so, this certainly isn't going to make SGF more competitive to lower rates to draw travelers to SGF from TUL, MCI, STL. Any comments on this is appreciated."


Fees at our airport go up three percent a year in the current terminal and that will continue in the new terminal. Landing fees are currently at $1.06 per 1,000 pounds. Exclusive use space (offices, ticket counters) have an annual rent of $32 per square foot. Joint use space (ramp, gate, tug areas) is assessed using a formula which results in an average rate of $35.55.


These rates are dirt cheap. It's one of the reasons why we have such good service for a small market. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration has told us that we ought to raise rates. We've respectfully declined!

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