What About Those Long Lines & That Hunting Dog?


Robert has questions about long lines and responds to the post about the mongrel that doesn't hunt...


"I know security lines have been much longer because of the spring break rush, my question is what features will the new airport have in security to minimize this problem. Do we have the capabilities of a second security line in the new terminal if needed? Also...I know thinking out in the future when the new terminal gets to 30-40 gates will security be through one centralized area or where there be 2-3 security section spread through out the airport. Thanks so much. My 2 cents on the above commentary [ that dog don't hunt ] I love Allegiant and find SGF comparable for some routes, however on some routes SGF is almost 3-4 times the price. I always shop all prices and end up driving somewhere now only 1 out of every 3 times vs. 2 out of 3 just 5 yrs ago. I would love to see Allegiant add more destinations and hope this will happen if gas ever gets back under control. Thanks for listening to my banter and once again thanks for making yourself accessible to the public–it shows us how you really care about letting us get insight into the running of the airport."


Robert...I'm going to be long winded...forgive me.


The length of security lines is dependent upon several factors, including: 1) the layout of the operation; meaning how well does the physical layout of the security operation lend itself to getting people through the line quickly? 2) How big is the crowd of customers? 3) Are there enough security employees on duty to get people through the process in a timely fashion?


In our current terminal we're hamstrung by cramped space–there isn't nearly enough space at either of our "security checkpoints" (that's the official lingo for security lines). It's a problem at many airports. Why? Because terminals built before September 2001 didn't anticipate post 9/11 security requirements. The new terminal is designed to accommodate post 9/11 security. That should speed up the screening process.


You ask about a second check point in the new terminal...


When the new terminal opens it will have ten gates and one check point. The physical layout of the checkpoint is designed to accommodate at least the maximum number of customers that can efficiently use ten gates. In other words, when we out grow ten gates and start adding more, I think it's a good bet we'll add security check points. Make sense?


Thanks for the comments about shopping for fares in an educated and open-minded manner. That's really all we're asking people to do. Bottom line: sometimes it only makes sense to fly from other airports. But please don't assume it always makes sense...

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