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Jul 01 2008 BTC Boloney BY sgf-admin TAGS Boloney


We've received several inquiries about a report issued a week or two ago by the Business Travel Coalition. The report is long on sensationalism and short on facts. Here’s a quote: “Not only are U.S. airlines and their passengers facing their darkest future, but fast-approaching airline liquidations will cripple the U.S. economy that depends on affordable, frequent intercity air transportation.”

Notice it says these things will  happen—not that they might  happen. But wait, it gets worse. The report comes with a list called, “At-Risk Communities for Losing Commercial Air Service.”
And guess what?
That’s right, you guessed it, Springfield is on the list. In fact, we’re the only Missouri city on the list. This fact alone proves that the BTC has neither the knowledge or expertise to make such judgments. It obviously has no hard analytical analysis of Springfield's air service. I think I can safely say that Springfield is the only major Missouri airport, that HAS NOT suffered big cuts the past few months. Kansas City has. St. Louis has. And the report somehow forgot to mention the Essential Air Service airports and their woes: Joplin, Columbia, St. Joe, et al.
Could Springfield lose some destinations? Of course it could. Are we going to lose all commercial air service (as the title of the list suggests)? Not likely.
While I can applaud the BTC's goal of raising awareness of how the airlines are/might be affected by the energy bubble, to suggest that Springfield will lose commercial air service is irresponsible and Chicken Little.
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