Baby! It's Cold Out Here!

December 6, 2013


Pinkley gets a job ...


How long has it been? A day, a year, a month, a week?  Keeping track of time was never a Pinkley speciality.

For the record: it's been five weeks since Pinkley and Franchesca found themselves stranded at our airport (if you've come late to this tall bird tale, you'd better look at the links below and catch-up!).

To make ends meet, Pinkley decided to get a job. One of the guys at the airport firehouse suggested Pinkley apply for the "yard ornament" opening over at the General Aviation office. Pinkley looked the job description over. It sounded like easy money ...

(Ahem) ... 

Now, he's having second thoughts ... "It's time to to get an indoors job and get some clothes!"



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