Public Safety

Airport Rescue Firefighters logoAircraft Rescue Firefighters (ARFF)

If you get sick at the airport, you’ll likely have several Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) at your side within two minutes—the airport has a full time fire department and every firefighter has Firefighter 1 or Firefighter 2 certification and is a certified EMT. Besides responding to routine medical calls, ARFF members stand ready to respond to the worst case scenario—a crashed or burning aircraft.



Airport police logoAirport Police

The airport community is protected by the Airport Police Department (APD).  With an authorized strength of 10 full time commissioned officers, the department provides the airport with 24/7 police protection. Airport policing involves extensive customer service and officers frequently find themselves assisting customers to ensure their visit is a pleasant experience. 

Protecting the public and providing exceptional customer service are the main priorities of the APD. APD officers have at least two years prior police experience before being hired.  Officers at the airport have a thorough knowledge of airport security issues and police methods applicable to the airport environment.

The APD achieved status as a criminal justice agency in June of 2002 and it is recognized by Missouri Department of Public Safety as a stand alone law enforcement agency.

Contact the APD at 417.868.0580.



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