May 05 2011 Special Treatment for Frequent Fliers? BY sgf-admin TAGS


""We do want to do something that acknowledges that virtually everyone who travels is not a terrorist," Mr. Pistole said."

That quote is the very last sentence in a story from today's Wall Street Journal. It probably belongs at the top of the story.

Mr. Pistole is the person who runs the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). According to the Journal, TSA "is working on a concept that could let "trusted travelers" keep their shoes on, leave laptops in bags and avoid body scanners altogether..."

Mar 31 2011 Seat Puzzle BY sgf-admin TAGS


Want to know which airline seat has the most leg room? There's a new web site that has the answer.  It's called Just plug in your flight information and hit return, presto! You get a layout of the plane and all sorts of useful customer service information.

Apr 19 2010 Not Us! Not Us! BY sgf-admin TAGS


Word comes this morning that five Airlines have promised they won't charge customers for carry-on bags. That's according to U.S. Senator Charles Schumer.

Schumer took the entire airline industry to task last week after Spirit Airlines announced a plan to charge $45 per carry-on.  The senator threatened to unleash the U.S. Treasury Department on airlines, using the unique argument that charging bag fees is tax evasion. Apparently some airlines don't like the sound of that!