Jan 29 2010 Flying Fibs BY sgf-admin TAGS


image of snowflake The blast of winter weather we’re having today makes it the perfect time to talk about winter weather and how airports and airlines deal with it. Winter weather isn’t fun at airports. Some of the reasons are obvious, others not so much.

Aug 24 2009 The Fire Wall BY sgf-admin TAGS


Over the weekend the Springfield paper printed a letter written by a citizen who is concerned about the airport’s new fire station. Rather than responding in the paper (and in the process helping to fan the flames and stir its pot further), let us offer a cool, objective response. Civil discourse, if you will.


Jul 28 2009 Airport Has Second Best Month in History BY sgf-admin TAGS


June 2009 was the second busiest month in the history of our airport.  The total passenger count: 85,976. Our number one month was June of 2005: 88,024.


June’s numbers were up ten percent over the same month last year. It marks the fourth consecutive month of growth and comes at a time of declining passenger numbers across the country. The only other major nearby airport experiencing growth is the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. It reported its June numbers up 3.9 percent. Passenger numbers were down at the airports in Tulsa, Kansas City and St. Louis.

Jun 12 2009 Impact of Branson Airport BY sgf-admin TAGS


Steve blogs with these thoughts on our airport's fantastic passenger numbers in May:


..."do you seriously believe that your new terminal, advertising campaign and lower fares by the airlines to fill seats, maybe this one a little, had anything to do with your increase. You know exactly what did it. Competition from the Branson Airport and their low fares are driving down your prices in the region. Why don’t you just admit that? The opening of the Branson Airport is now helping you so why don’t you embrace it."