May 26 2009 Passenger Numbers Flatline BY sgf-admin TAGS


After months of decline, our passenger numbers have flat-lined: in March our total passenger numbers were down one percent over the same month last year. In April we had a zero percent change. In normal times (meaning without a recession) being flat is bad. But these days it’s good. Check out the numbers and you’ll see what I mean:


Total Passenger Numbers:


Mar 26 2009 USO Facilities? BY sgf-admin TAGS


A letter to the editor in a Springfield paper wants to know:


"With all the news coverage of the new airport in Branson opening as well as the new flights added to the Springfield/Branson Airport, I've not heard anyone mention about a proper USO being placed in either this a gross oversight?"


Mar 14 2009 Branson, Airlines, and Fares BY sgf-admin TAGS


Mike blogs this:


"Hey what’s going on? I hear about Branson getting AirTran with service to Atlanta and Milwaukee. Now they got Sun Country airlines with service out of Minneapolis on a 737s and to add AirTran uses 717s. What do you think will happen? Do you think their fares will be consistently lower b/c they use large aircraft? Are any of the airlines at SGF talking about lowering prices?"


Nov 22 2008 Air Service Seminar BY sgf-admin TAGS


How much air service will our airport lose in 2009? Aviation consultant Michael Boyd says we're "really not going to be hit too hard." He thinks air service cuts have leveled off. That was just one of many issues addressed earlier this week when Boyd spoke at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. More than 100 people showed up for the air service seminar last Wednesday.


Mar 25 2008 That Dog Don't Hunt! BY sgf-admin TAGS


A lot of you reading this blog are business people. You know full well the importance of perception. That is, how people perceive your business. You also know how frustrating it can be. You know how your business works. You know what services you offer—but there’s always that disgruntled customer out there who knows better than you.


I got a proverbial earful from an airport critic a couple of months ago via email. And brothers and sisters let me tell you, his perception is reality. Just ask him.


Feb 11 2008 Questions About Leakage BY sgf-admin TAGS


John has several questions about the leakage posting:


"12% leakage sounds really good. But, just a retired truck driver being did you guys figure out that is was 12%. Did you survey residents? I also noticed that the report said that 13% of the 8 million people that visit Branson fly, but only 10% of those fly through Springfield? That number seems did you figure that. Do you think that if the airport raises that number...say to 50% will you be able bring more low fare airlines and lower existing prices for us locals?"