Apr 16 2009 Cocktails BY sgf-admin TAGS


Randy cuts to the chase:


"Where’s the booze? Will there be alcohol available in the new terminal????"


The bar will be in the gate area, on the secure side of the screening checkpoint!!!!

Apr 15 2009 Tardy Blogger! BY sgf-admin TAGS


Well, first of all, I have to apologize for taking so long to respond to the last few questions asked by you faithful bloggers. I've been tardy! Only one excuse: busy, busy, busy with the impending opening of the new terminal. You know that part of job descriptions that says, "other duties as assigned?" Well Brothers and Sisters, let me tell ya, I know what that means!


May 24 2008 Midfield Terminal Question BY sgf-admin TAGS


SGFpilot writes, "I have a question regarding the jetbridges at the new terminal....Are they really going to use the old ones from the existing terminal? You have a beautiful new $130 million dollar terminal and they're planning on sticking rusty old jet bridges that work 1/2 time on there? I think that'd give the NEW terminal a bad appearence. Would they at least paint them all a fresh white color to at least make them look new? Thanks for your insight."



Dustin wants to know: So how will the transition to the new terminal take place? Will there be all new loading bridges for the passengers or will the existing bridges be transplanted? Also, any word on new food/beverage vendors in the new terminal? And getting back to the "un-named" airline that was supposed to begin servicing SGF (the one that went so far as to sign a ground handling contract with the city), what ever happened to them?


Aug 13 2007 Do We Need a New Terminal? Take Two BY sgf-admin TAGS


Jim wants to know what our take is on the Branson airport and how full the Allegiant flights are from this airport.


Let’s begin with the second question. Overall, Allegiant flights to and from this airport average over 90% full. That's very, very good.


On Jim’s question about the Branson airport--he wants to know if we think it will take passengers away from this airport? Ultimately, the question becomes, will the need for a new terminal exist once the Branson airport is complete?


Aug 06 2007 Does a New Terminal Mean New Airlines? BY sgf-admin TAGS


Steve asked if the new terminal will mean new airlines at SGF?


No. When talking to a prospective airline, a new terminal is a nice card to have on the table, but I can't  foresee that it would ever be the deciding factor in convincing an airline to enter a market.


In the final analysis, here's what airlines care about: how many seats they can fill in the market.