Winter Weather

Friday, January 18, 2019, 9:00 p.m. CST

The National Weather Service in Springfield predicts snow in Springfield on Saturday between approximately 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Up to one-and-half inches of snow is possible.

Flight delays on Saturday in Springfield are likely; cancellations are possible. Be sure to check your flight's status often.

In you're flying to/from Chicago on Saturday beware! The Chicago area is under a winter storm warning through Saturday. Accumulations of five to nine inches are expected.


How to Find Out if Flights Are Delayed or Canceled


During winter weather many people try to determine a flight's status by finding out if the airport is "open" or "closed." This is the wrong approach.

When the airport is open flights are still canceled for other reasons, including:


  1. Weather conditions at connecting airports.
  2. Sometime airlines preemptively cancel flights –– meaning that the airline thinks the weather will be so bad that it cancels flights the day before.
  3. Sometimes airlines cancel flights to avoid the high cost of winter operations.
  4. Ice build-up on a plane may prevent takeoff, even when runways are ice free, and the airport is open.
  5. Airlines sometimes have problems with their deicing trucks. These trucks deice the planes. When issues occur with deicing trucks, there's nearly always a resulting flight delay, and sometimes flight cancelations.
  6. Airplane mechanical problems.
  7. Sometimes pilots "timeout" during winter weather. This means pilots have been on the clock too long without sleep. When this happens they can't fly.
  8. Sometimes winter weather conditions are so severe that airport crews have a hard time keeping the runways clear for takeoffs and landings.
  9. Airport jet bridges sometimes have mechanical issues during severe winter weather.

Bottom line: flying during winter weather is not a simple process.

There are several ways to find out the status of your flight, including: 1 ) call your airline's toll free phone number. 2) Visit your airline's web site. 3) Use your airline's smart phone app. 4) Sign up for email/text alerts from your airline.

You can find airline phone numbers and websites by clicking here. Please do not call the airport and ask to be connected to a local airline office. Local airline offices do not accept calls. And please don't ask the airport if your flight is canceled; the information we have is limited, and often unreliable.

The Flight Arrival and Flight Departure pages on this website may provide accurate information about flight status. However, the data on these pages comes from airline computer systems. Unfortunately, airlines don't always keep their data up to date.

If a flight is in the air, outbound or inbound from our airport, it's very easy to determine its status. Click on the real time Flight View banner (seen below). The data feeding the map comes directly from the Federal Aviation Administration. The only flights that show up on the map are ones actually in the air.


Click Flight View Banner to See Map


FAA Flight Delay Information - Click map below